We want to see the church in Ireland strengthened by women and men who are supported, connected, and empowered to use their gifts for God’s glory.


We exist to resource theological understanding, develop mentoring culture and promote female speakers

  1. Theological understanding resources
  2. Support training and mentoring
  3. Cheerleaders

How it all began…

We are a group of women and men passionate about seeing the church in Ireland strengthened through theological resources about biblical equality so that men and women are supported, connected, and empowered.

From personal experience, the stories of those around us and across the globe, we want to address equality issues women face in the church.

The Core Team

Chloe Hanan
Chloe Hanan
Who am I: I am Lead for Digital for Jesus Film Project in Europe & Russia, follower of Jesus by day, superhero by night. Ok not really, but I do own a cape. I have worked across various European contexts of ministry, with a focus on student ministry. On a new venture into the digital world.

Why I am on the Team: Working together in practical ways to advocate for biblical equality is driven by a personal passion and desire to see that realised.

Anne Baenziger
Anne Baenziger
Who I am: I have many hats – one is leading Breathe, serve on the Praxis team and am completing a Masters in Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care in DCU. You might find me cycling through Dublin or meeting a friend for coffee or watching any sort of film!

Why I am on the Team: I want to empower women to feel confident in their leadership skills and help the church see the importance of female contribution!

Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill
Who Am I: I serve as Director of Prayer for 24/7 Prayer Ireland and co-lead a Dublin church community. You’ll also find me parenting 3 daughters with Ross, involved with Tearfund & studying theology.

Why I am on the Team: I am passionate about seeing young leaders equipped & especially seeing young women released to lead in the church in Ireland.

Luci De Larina
Luci De Larina
Who am I: I am a part of the leadership team of OM Ireland & I lead in my local church in Navan. I have been personally involved in the mentoring & discipleship of Christian ladies, in a multicultural context for decades.

Why I am on the Team: Through mentoring and coaching, I found support & encouragement to develop my skills and discover more. My desire is to train, empower, encourage, & support people to use their God-given gifts to their full capacity and this network makes that dream possible.

Ruth Garvey-Williams
Ruth Garvey-Williams
Who Am I: I am an author, speaker, researcher & editor who loves to bring help & hope to marginalised & disadvantaged people. I am part of a team leading a small local church in Buncrana, County Donegal.

Why I am on the Team : VOX magazine’s “Women in the Church” research in 2018 brought into stark focus the experiences of women & attitudes towards women in the Irish church. The realisation that so little has changed & that so many younger women are struggling to feel valued and supported to find their place in God’s Kingdom, inspired me with a “holy fire” to work for change.

The Advisory Council

Sam Moore

CEO, Innovista Ireland

Miriam Regan

Founder of Fearless Women

Simon Kilpatrick

Chaplain, Praxis Team Leader, MCI Home Mission Dept.

Priscilla Reid

Founder of Women Explore

Trevor Morrow

Minister in the Presbyterian Church

Anne Francis

Practitioner in Spiritual & Psychological Care, Pastoral Care Team

Paul Reid

Pastor Emeritus, Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast

Irene Roor

Operation Mobilisation

Donna Jennings

Formerly Evangelical Alliance NI

Lydia Monds

 Church of Ireland, Bishops’ Appeal