3004, 2023

Leading Together

By |April 30th, 2023|

For one hour on a Wednesday evening, I close my laptop, switch off my phone and forget my to-do list. I have joined an inter-generational choir and I absolutely love it.  We raise our voices to sing much-loved songs of bygone days.  As the music swells, a small group of us are tasked with singing the harmony line, interweaving with the melody for a richer, fuller sound. It is beautiful. My favourite word in the Irish language is le cheile – together.  There is such strength in unity.  And this is true of leadership as well.  Jesus modelled togetherness in leadership - a path of humility rather than hierarchy, the servant not the superhero.  Perhaps it is time for us to recapture this Christlike model of leadership. In 1947, my grandfather wrote a little pamphlet entitled, “Try Teamwork.”  “No man is a repository of all the gifts needed to reach [...]

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