Miriam O’Regan

Location: Wicklow

Expertise: Teaching evangelistically – both topical and expository sermons. A passion for the presence of God and seeking to bring people to a place of encounter with Him, Irish church history (particularly the lives of the early saints, such as Brigid of Kildare), and developing women as servant leaders and speakers in the church.

Qualifications: She has been a missionary, planting churches in France and the Netherlands in the 80s and 90s, was a worship leader and an elder/core team leader in four different churches, currently serving in the Church of Ireland in Redcross. She ran Fearless Women Ireland for three years, and is a board member of Compassion Ireland. She hold degrees in English and French literature, education and a PhD by research in Irish childminding.

Speaking Experience: Large event, Small event, Host/MC, Workshop/Breakout, Academic talk, Member of a board

Bio: Miriam was born in Dublin, raised a Catholic, and she was born again at 18 in the Charismatic Renewal and started a lifelong journey of following Jesus. She had the privilege of starting churches, leading worship, being a missionary in Europe, and starting Fearless Women Ireland, all while raising three children with her husband Fergus, and working in the early education sector since 2004. Now she’s happily rewiring to serve the next generation of young leaders in Ireland.

Contact: mimajoregan@gmail.com
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