Alison Williams

Location: Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Expertise: My main focus is help people dig into the Scriptures for themselves, helping them to pass on what they learn to others, training Bible studies leaders, reading the Bible with people who are not yet Christians / evangelism and I have experience with student ministry.

Qualifications: 25 years in IFES student ministry, 8 years in a cross-cultural context in Italy. I am currently the team leader for CUI in the South of Ireland as well as being responsible for the youth ministry in Hillside Evangelical Church , Greystones. After university I qualified as a secondary school teacher, and in my various roles I have engaged in teaching and training students, women and mixed settings. I am more of a trainer than a preacher but I am willing to preach.

Speaking Experience: Large event, Small event, Panel, Facilitated sessions, Host/MC, Workshop/Breakout, Theological training, Member of a board

Bio: Alison Williams is the Southern Team Leader for Christian Unions Ireland and lives in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. She is a member of Hillside Evangelical Church where she helps with the children’s and youth work.

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